The Sunday Telegraph - Business & Money - 9 Oct 2022

Table of content - The Sunday Telegraph - Business & Money (9 Oct 2022)

Hybrid work leaves a £2bn black hole on the railways
Energy crisis means petrol and diesel cars to remain cheaper than electric for years
Netflix reels in £1.4bn from its subscribers in Britain
Now that’s some feedback
‘My best buy was a VW, my worst buy was an Audi’
Overpay your mortgage or invest the money instead? Here’s how to decide
This implausible growth strategy won’t meet the challenges facing Britain
Octopus Energy bets big on heat pumps to cut customers’ energy bills
Truss’s push for growth is out of her hands
Musk may yet make Twitter deal look like good business
We haven’t yet woken up to the full horror of Britain’s diminished state
Badenoch races to overcome sticking points in Indian trade talks
Law Society hits back against dirty money bill
Influencers on Tiktok face crackdown over hidden adverts
Investors who stay on board with Tui will ultimately reap the rewards
Key numbers
‘To beat Putin, 25pc inflation is low price to pay,’ says Estonia’s central bank chief
Tui Hold
Kwarteng snared in Treasury trap for Labour
The growing rebellion against Biden that threatens to cut off yet more gas from Europe
Hot air? He says not. Meet the man who promises to cut your energy bills
PM leaves employers in dark on staff shortages
How went from billiondollar idea to fighting for survival
It’s a tangled web as broadband providers go into battle for a slice of Big Tech riches
£2bn effort to hand stealth fighter pilots advantage in the skies
How to know when to invest or overpay your mortgage
Top earners lose £19,000 to frozen tax thresholds
‘From a young age, I spent all my cash on musical equipment’
Katie Morley fights for your money
Best buys
Your consumer champion
‘I ticked the wrong box – HMRC wanted £50k’

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